Biggest Killer Dino is a episode based on the largest carnivorous dinosaur that ever lived, spinosaurus

The episode features its lifestyle, feeding habits, and what it used its crocodile-like


jaws, teeth, claws, and even its fin for.

In the episode it is seen as the domianate apex predator.


In the begining a group of paralititan are seen feeding on plants when a rugops attacks a young paralititan.

After the Paralititan is killed, a spinosaurus appears and kills the rugops.

Later a sarcosuchus is seen feeding on a paralititan, and again a spinosaurus appears and claws the croc to death. A few minutes later a carchardontosaurus appears and attempts to steal the kill from spinosaurus. The spinosaurus kills the dinosaur by striking it in the face with its powerful arms.

Spinosaurus then attempts to kill a paralititan, the paralititan swings its tail and hits the spinosaurus in the face.

When the climate changed around it, spinosaurus went after smaller prey, finding a pack of rugops feeding on a paralititan. However the spinosaurus loses to the battle as the pack gangs up on it, toppling spinosaurus over (snapping the spines imbedded in its back) and dies.


  • In the episode the they made the Rugops slightly smaller than it really was (do to the constant study of only Spinosaurus rather than Rugops).
  • Spinosaurus was believed to have stronger hide than most other theropods, but not to have been heavily detailed (And more smooth-looking than even a crocodile)
  • Many paleontologists featured in the episode were theropod experts, but one in particular (Thomas Holtz) was actually a very well-known and well-reliable T-Rex expert (as well as theropods in general).

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